Shea & Coco Butter Body Lotion


Locks Moisture, Enhances Elasticity of Dry & Rough Skin.
24 Hour Moisturising Formula. Naturally Derived Ingredients.

How to use-  Apply liberally all over your body. Use everyday after bath and before bedtime.

For external use only.

Cocoa is extracted from coffee beans and contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are compounds that have antioxidant effects and hence help in improving skin conditions. Shea butter is harnessed from the African shea trees’ nuts. It is used to moisturize very dry skin, treat dry lips, and is considered to be gentle enough to be used for eczema-prone skin or dryness associated with psoriasis. Cocoa, when used with shea butter, is known to render the dry skin supple and baby smooth. This body lotion from Yes You is a retreat for the skin as it is high on Vitamin E.


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