Neem & Lemon Face Wash


A Perfect Purifier for Clean, Bright, and Glowing Skin.
Purifies Skin & Fights Acne.


How To Use:  Apply on wet face, gently massage in with fingertip while avoiding eye contact. Rinse off.

Use daily for effective results. Not to be used by children under 3 years of age.

Our ancestors have told us about the never-ending benefits of neem and lemon in our overall existence; be it skincare, body care or diet planning. Neem is famous for its strong antibacteri- al action and in combination with Lemon, any skin impurity has no chance to land upon your skin ever. Yes You presents to you the refined form of natural skincare with its Neem and Lemon Face Wash. Lemon has an ability to instantly lift up your skin’s mood and Vitamin C aids to keep your skin’s fighting ability strong, giving it a sense of rejuvenation with every use. Neem & Lemon face Wash is an effective and natural way of removing all impurities from the skin in one go, by not letting your skin compromise on its hydration level.


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